The Brazilian Masonic hymn was wrotten by the Emperor of the Brazil Dom Pedro I,
whose symbolic name was Guatimozim, Grão Mestre of Brazilian Masonry.
This hymn is one of the most beautiful of our homeland and had its music composed
by Alberto Costet of Maschuiavelle.  The letter is the following:

   Of light, which diffuses itself,
   sacred philosophy
   appeared in the Haunted World,
   the pure Freemasonry.

   Masons alert
   tends strongly
   rights take vengeance,
   of nature.

   Sublime part of the reason,
   sacred worship worthy
   senior loved heroes,
   the pure Freemasonry.

   Magnificent temple of reason,
   erected a great king,
   was then instituted,
   the pure Freemasonry.

   Noble inventions do not die,
   time to win the rivalry
   the face of centuries ago,
   the pure Freemasonry.

   Sacred human right,
   that is detrimental
   to tyranny Will restoring puffed,
   the pure Freemasonry.

   Venerable deposit of light,
   modest hypocrisy.
   Guard itself with holy zeal,
   a pura maçonaria.

   Cautious hides and denies,
   the profane wicked people.
   His majestic mysteries,
   the pure Freemasonry.

   World's Greatest Architect,
   that it illuminates the world.
   Suitable protects, sustains,
   the pure Freemasonry.